Whats happened to Crypto-currencies in 2018? And where next in 2019

Top 3 Fintechs to watch in 2019
Top 3 Fintechs to watch in 2019

Over the last 12 months, crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin returned to earth with a massive bump after recording highs of around $20,000!

Things are always easy in hindsight and Fast Company’s recent analysis of the situation provides two key factors that caused the bubble to grow and grow and grow:

  • The masses – when every person and their cat is jumping into an investment, it creates demand and this in turn causes prices to rise
  • Emotions vs value – many people based buying decisions on their emotions rather than intrinsic value of the underlying asset

Interestingly from a business perspective, the key events that led to major investors and organisations losing confidence in this new technology included:

  • Lack of security – the three largest hacks from 2014 to 2018 led to a $1billion of crypto-currencies disappearing
  • Regulation increased – various jurisdictions began to apply new regulations to protect users and investors
  • Consensus decreased – the developer community could not agree on improvements which led to a range hybrid crypto-currencies coming to life

The conclusion from this period is that crypto-currencies are no longer in vogue but the underlying blockchain technology shows much potential for industry uses such as trade finance and tracking asset ownership.

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